Is Azure Stack DOA?

Many of us were waiting patiently for pricing information on Azure Stack. We had already heard that it would be CSP, makes sense, and we had been told it would cost anywhere from 0-100% of the cost of running in Azure. So now, we know the pricing.


Shared VHDX on Storage Spaces

I have recently been implementing Windows Azure Pack at a large hoster here in Denmark. To my luck they were interested in not only WAP, which is a challenge itself, but also Storage Spaces.

When considering what an awesome product Storage Spaces is, there are suprisingly few articels on it on the world wide web, and even less conserning using Shared VHDX on Storage Spaces.

When designing Storage Spaces we have all heard we must pay especial attention to Columns and Interleave, but i had never heard of Logical Sector Size being something you should keep in mind.


Secure Ghost with SSL

NOTICE – This blog is no longer running Ghost

As you might have discovered this blog runs Ghost which is a simple blogging tool, that focuses on writing and content, not flashy extensions or mods you can get lost in.

To improve my google search ranking and to add some security, i wanted to add SSL to the site, couldn’t find a single guide, so i decided to make one.


RDP Automatic scaling in Azure

I am moving a customer from a traditional hosting provider to Microsoft Azure. They have a traditional setup with ADDS, file servers and a RDP Session host. In their current setup they complain about performance, so i wanted to test out if we could run some kind of scaling in Azure based on time or usage.


Maximizing disk performance in Azure VM’s

After testing disk performance in the new D-Series VM’s i decided to take a look at what other ways there were for maximizing performance on the disk system on an Azure VM.

First of some baseline needs to be establised, i attached a simple disk to the VM and initialized it as a GPT disk. Then i ran SQLIO as descriped in my previous post and to get something nice to look at, i included CrystalDiskMark, this was the result.